Investing in our talent is core to what we do at Paysafe. We believe that fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial culture, built on our open, focused, pioneering and courageous values, while providing learning and development opportunities for employees allows Paysafe to make a difference in the fast-paced payments industry

What is Paysafe University?

Paysafe University provides various trainings, development programmes and learning solutions  to our employees and lines of business. Our portfolio includes: technology, personal effectiveness, regulatory courses, product familiarisations, leadership and management development programmes, online resources and libraries.

In Paysafe we believe that learning is essential part of our daily life and we constantly build on creating the culture, which supports that. With our Programmes we create ongoing learning experience, by using latest technology, learning methods and cutting edge corporate courses.

Foundation Programme

Every new joiner in our Group, regardless of the location, will experience our world class on-boarding programme – Paysafe Foundation. The Foundation provides a framework of tools, assets and activities that fully prepares our new employees for successful careers at Paysafe. Through the learning journey, which starts before Day 1, the new employee learns about Paysafe Group, our products, services and payments world. The experience continues during the first three months and supports the new joiner to get up to speed and become successful in the new role.

Product and Industry Programme

Paysafe operates in a dynamic industry and offers a variety of cutting edge payment solutions. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in modular programme and learn about Paysafe products and services,  latest updates and industry news. Every employee in the organization has the flexibility to create their own programme depending on personal needs and diverse delivery options.

Leadership & Management Development Programmes

We believe that the future of our company is in the hands of our high potentials and talented people. We constantly improve our Programmes with cutting-edge learning solutions to support growth of our employees. In the area of Leadership and Management development we boost skills of young potential employees, support transition to first time people managers and create extraordinary leaders by providing bespoke Global Leadership Programmes. In 2016 more than 200 employees and people managers took part in our Leadership and Management Global Programmes.

Paysafe Front Runner Program

Paysafe’s Front Runner program, which was launched in 2013, is designed for non-manager employees with high potential to prepare them to successfully take up leadership roles within one to three years. It provides participants with tools, resources and experience to support them in increasing personal effectiveness, self-awareness and leadership knowledge. Over a period of nine to 12 months, the selected employees participate in a variety of activities such as live and web-based trainings, assessments, group workshops etc., all designed to create practical experience.

Technical & Professional Programmes

Pioneering is one of our values and we support innovation through variety of trainings on latest technology solutions in Big Data, Information Security, Software Engineering, Infrastructure… We also provide opportunities to our employees to enhance their professional expertise with additional external certification Programmes offered by ACCA, CIMA, CIPD, SCRUM, PMI, ICA, (ISC)², ACAMS and others.