Rewards & Incentives

As soon as you join Paysafe you'll have access to a whole range of resources aimed at getting you up and running as soon as possible.

It’s important for you to understand and appreciate the products and services we offer our consumers. Get Started is designed to give you first-hand experience of our digital wallets – Skrill and NETELLER – and the paysafecard voucher. It aims to help you familiarise yourself with our products and explore the consumer experience.

We offer new starters a 50.00 (GBP, EUR, BGN, USD) paysafecard voucher and will add 50.00 (GBP, EUR, BGN, USD) to both staff digital wallets (subject to availability in location). 

We understand how important innovation and ideas are to a growing business such as Paysafe. We also know how important you and your ideas are to us achieving our goals. With this in mind, we have created Eureka, to make the most of the creative potential of our staff with the opportunity for everyone to put forward ideas and suggestions – even outside of your area of responsibility. We want to reward you for your great ideas too.

We have a compensation and benefits scheme applicable across Paysafe Group – Boost. It is intended to bring clarity and consistency to all employees and managers about how we reward people in line with performance, values and behaviours. We have created a scheme that:

  • Brings compensation policies and practices into alignment across the Group and supports our “one-company” philosophy.
  • Is dedicated to creating and rewarding a high performance culture
  • Attracts, engages and motivates our employees

Our Employee Referral Programme

Great people know great people. So help us grow and share in our success by recommending standout candidates: friends; family members; acquaintances; anyone you think would make an outstanding addition to the Paysafe team!

Our Values Badges

Recognise colleagues for demonstrating outstanding behaviour in line with our four core values and helping promote the Group’s values to the rest of our staff by giving them a badge of recognition