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How many languages do you speak? Do you consider your foreign language skills useful for your career or your life abroad? We certainly do. Read our stories and join a team of professionals.

Global Outreach

In the past few years I had the chance to practice my language skills while studying for my Bachelor's Degree in the University of Osaka. I started studying Japanese ten years ago in high school. I chose to work in Customer Services at Paysafe because the role allows me to continue working in an international environment while being here at home. I love that the job gives me the opportunity to work with colleagues from different countries and backgrounds and to communicate with customers from all over the world.

- Lora Benova, Customer Relations Executive

International Environment

I moved to France when I was 10 years old and spent more than half of my ‘conscious’ life there. I went school there all the way up to Bachelor University. From the outset, French had to replace my mother tongue for daily and educational needs, and I really didn’t know a word of it when I arrived. 

It would be accurate to say that I didn’t really choose to study French, it is more the language that chose me. Today I’m more than proud to be able to keep practicing it on a daily basis thanks to my Customer Service role at Paysafe. Sometimes, thanks to our variety of customers from the whole Francophone world, I even feel like I’m improving my French.

- Aleksander Biserov, Customer Relations Executive

Inspiring Team

I remember being fascinated by the Italian language, the cuisine and the unique history and culture of Italy and its heritage since I was quite young. It was only natural that later in life my fascination translated into beginning to study the language and then getting a degree in Italian philology. 

Unintentionally, knowing the language and the culture, I became a bridge between my home country and Italy. I chose to work for Paysafe because its company culture and its way of doing business appeals to me. Everyone is ready to help and support you. There are always people who you can learn from. This really motivates me to do my best.

- Eva Slancheva, Customer Relations Executive

Flexible Working Time

For the last three years I have been studying PR at New Bulgarian University. I have been with Paysafe for almost four years now and have  grown since I joined. Now I am a Senior Customer Relations Executive with Spanish and English and am dealing with more complicated cases and customers on a daily basis. Not only does this improve my communication and language skills, but it also helps me become more patient and a better professional.

I chose Paysafe because I love working in a dynamic environment. And trust me, Paysafe is everything but boring.

- Boris Bogdanov, Senior Customer Relations Executive


I grew up in a town near Sofia and graduated in German at a local high school. German language, history and culture have been a big part of my life ever since.

However, I decided to stay in Bulgaria, because it’s my home. And I believe that home is where you feel happy.

I chose to work in Customer Services at Paysafe because of the nature of the job. It’s dynamic, and I learn all the time. We also get the chance to develop skills in how to communicate with people, not only over the phone but also face to face, and this is the best way to get to know yourself and others.

- Tsvetomira Parhomenko, Customer Service Quality Analyst


We have a great social benefits package - 25 days annual paid leave, health insurance, sports card, Work Life Coaching Program, team events, company discounts, variety of soft skills, business and technical training programs. Also we work at one of the top 10 best designed offices in the world!

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